Below Grade Waterproofing

Below Grade Waterproofing in Los Angeles and Orange County

Our services go beyond the surface, by including solutions for subterranean drainage and below-grade waterproofing such as elevator pits, and parking garages. Below-grade (below ground level) waterproofing should be used any time a wall is retaining earth.


In addition to being crucial to the long-term integrity of the wall, waterproofing will help keep you and your possessions dry, and your walls free of efflorescence and algae. Whether the below-grade structure is a freestanding retaining wall or a critical foundation wall that abuts living space such as a subterranean garage, wine cellar, basement, etc., California Decking & Waterproofing provides the expertise and experience to assess and execute the proper waterproofing system to meet your needs.

Some of the below-grade waterproofing services we offer include:

  • Under foundation
  • Positive-side waterproofing
  • Negative-side waterproofing
  • Subterranean drainage
  • Rock pockets
  • Drainage composites


In every job we do, we always keep in mind that after we leave, your guests, employees and customers will depend on the skill, safety and security of our work, which is why we strive for the highest level quality, every time.


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“Below grade”, can be as much as 15 feet down or as little as 18″ depending on the slope of your property and where the house or garage is situated. We apply the newest and most proven materials and systems to assure you your house will not have leaks coming from the walls.


Just as there are different types of paints for different surfaces and applications, there are different types of waterproofing systems to accommodate a variety of scenarios. Systems requirements vary depending on access, type of wall (C.M.U., Shotcrete, Poured In Place, etc.), and tie-in conditions. Proper evaluation and implementation of the right waterproofing system for your distinct needs requires an experienced professional. California Decking & Waterproofing provides the know-how to get the job done.

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