Caring for Plants in Ornamental Planters

Caring for Plants in Ornamental Planters

Ornamental planters are a great addition to any commercial or residential property. They add some color and life to any space. However, you need to make sure you properly care for them to reap the benefits.

Choose the Right Dirt 

The first step is choosing the right dirt for your planter. You can’t just use any old dirt in your planter. You need to find a good potting soil mix to give your plants everything they need. Soil has several jobs. First, it needs to retain moisture for your plants. Second, it has to provide air for your plants. The soil should be light and fluffy. Third, your soil should anchor your plants. Look for soil that contains peat moss, pine bark, perlite, and vermiculite. For extra benefits, you can find potting soil that contains fertilizer and even moisture-retaining treatments. 

Include Drainage and Waterproofing 

While it’s essential for plants to get plenty of water, it is possible for them to get too much. When plants sit in too much water, it can cause root rot and other issues. Your planter needs to have proper drainage to avoid this. Drilling holes into the bottom of the planter is your best option. Make sure these holes always stay clear. Many people will place rocks at the bottom of the planter to allow for more drainage. However, this isn’t always a constructive option. The rocks push the overly moist soil closer to the roots and this can still cause root rot. Avoid putting rocks in your planters. 

In addition to providing drainage, you should also waterproof your planter. Since it’s outside, it’s subject to harsh weather conditions and other elements. Waterproofing your planter will increase its durability. It will continue to look good even as it ages. 

Groom Your Plants 

Plants are beautiful on their own, but they still need a little maintenance from time to time. Regularly grooming your plants will improve their appearance so you can get the most out of your planter. Start by removing dead leaves and flowers from your planter. Keep the top of the soil clear and tidy. If your plants are becoming overgrown, trim them back. Some plants, such as bushes and shrubs, can even be trimmed into specific shapes. 

Ornamental planters are meant to enhance the appearance of the space they’re in. Taking proper care of both your plants and the planters will maintain this purpose. Make sure you’re doing all you can to care for your ornamental planters. 
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