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California Decking & Waterproofing
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Decking Done Right in Los Angeles

When it comes to decks, patios, and balconies for homeowners and businesses in Los Angeles, the experts at California Decking are the team to rely on. We have over 30 years’ experience in concrete and magnesite systems, which offer our customers durable, affordable, and stylish exteriors to their properties.

Ready to get started? We are available at any time to discuss your project. We are known for our fair pricing and getting the job done fast and seamlessly. Get in touch with us today by calling (800) 482-6334 or sending a message through our contact form below.


Our services range from new construction and repairs of magnesite balconies and concrete patios to waterproofing solutions. Message us now to speak about your needs in the following areas:

Balcony Waterproofing: We have decades of experience repairing balconies made of magnesite and concrete. To ensure your exterior remains free from water or moisture damage, we provide seamless and affordable waterproofing solutions.

Pool Deck Waterproofing: Whether you’re a homeowner with a new pool deck or own a commercial property with a deck that needs to be refurbished, we’re your team. We offer stamped concrete overlays and Desert Crete/Desert Flex systems for outstanding waterproofing.

Epoxy Garage Floors: Ensure the lifespan of your concrete flooring with an epoxy coating. These are slip resistant, stain resistant, waterproof, and super simple to maintain.

Magnesite Stairs: These concrete stairs are a durable, affordable, and convenient alternative to other stairway materials. Speak with us today to provide us your dimensions.

Planters Waterproofing: We’ll help you make your commercial and residential property green, cool, and stylish with our custom-made, waterproof planters.

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