Planters Waterproofing

Did you know?

Ornamental plants and flowers are a vital part of the beautification of property whether private or commercial. This beautifying green life enhances and beautifies the exterior and sometimes interior of a property. One requires proper drainage for the survival of these plants and flowers, and this is achieved through the assistance of a professional planter waterproof installer.

Apart from the aesthetic purposes, waterproofing planters are also vital in protecting the durability and integrity of the property. When improperly installed, the planter boxes can decay or crack, which leads to damage to the structure and an eyesore. However, when done correctly by an expert planter waterproofing company, your planter can conserve water and help maintain healthy, lushly plants.

At California Decking, we create and install planters to suit our clients’ needs. We offer residential and commercial planter installation and waterproofing services to clients across Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We install raised planters, below grade planters, as well as waterproof planter foundations and structures.

We ensure we provide maximum customer satisfaction by being thought leaders, and always being updated with the latest ideas and technology in the industry. Our command of the industry and our depth of expertise and experience have been sharpened over the years providing long-lasting planter installation and waterproofing services. To survive in the competitive market, there is a need for uniqueness, and that we provide through our efficient and friendly customer service. This has gained a name for us in the industry.

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Available 24/7 and Reliable

Over 30 years of experience in the industry

Fully licensed, bonded and insured

Work with only the best manufacturers in the industry

Great Customer Service

Competitively affordable

We provide planter installation, maintenance, and repair, as well, waterproofing services for new buildings or buildings undergoing remodeling. We attend to all clients, and we believe every project is unique in its way.

At California Decking, we’re known for providing our customers with the highest quality planter waterproofing services at fair and competitive prices. We’re the best in Southern California and the surrounding areas, and there’s a reason for that.

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