Protecting Your Deck During the Winter

Protecting Your Deck During the Winter

In the winter, your deck is subject to much harsher weather conditions. It’s colder, there’s a higher chance of storms, and heavy amounts of rain or snow can increase your risk of water damage. For the sake of your deck, it’s worth it to put a little extra effort into protecting it during the winter. 

Have it Inspected 

Your first step should be having your deck inspected. An inspection can give you a good starting place when it comes to making repairs or taking any precautions. After an inspection, you can better understand the condition of your deck and you can know if there is any existing damage. If there is damage, then you should prioritize addressing this first. Your inspector can inform you of any potential problems that don’t need immediate attention but should still be watched. In some cases, there may be warning signs of damage and you can make repairs before things become too serious. 

Keep it Clean and Clear 

You need to make sure your deck is clean at all times. Clear away any debris including leaves, branches, etc. that may have collected on your deck. If this debris is left out, it only provides more surface area for snow and ice to collect on over the winter. As you clear away debris, you should also store any large items on your deck like planters, outdoor furniture, or grills. These items can also collect snow and they may even cause moisture leaching which can discolor your wood. After removing everything, make sure you thoroughly clean away any mold, mildew, etc. If your deck isn’t clean, it can cause your deck to rot over the winter. 

Waterproof Your Deck 

One of the best ways to prevent water damage on your deck is to have it waterproofed. Having your deck waterproofed will prevent water from penetrating the material and this is beneficial for many reasons. It will increase the durability of your deck so it will last much longer. You also avoid the issue of your deck rotting or becoming severely damaged by too much moisture. A waterproofed deck will also require less maintenance and it can even add value to your property. 

Once winter ends, you don’t want to be left with a bunch of work to clean and repair your deck. It’s better to take preventative measures to actually protect your deck. Hiring professionals to address your deck can further improve your circumstances. 

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