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Among the first things, a client notices about you is how neat, beautiful and stylish your office environment looks. This goes a long way in giving the client a mindset about… Learn More →

One can never quantify the importance of waterproofing the balcony of a building. Waterproofing of the balcony is essential as much as the waterproofing of other areas… Learn More →

What you and your visitors walk on matters most to us at California Decking; thus, we provide the best walkway waterproofing so that you can provide your visitors an… Learn More →

The rooftop of a building undoubtedly is the most exposed to rain and other harsh weather conditions. This increases its chances of being damaged by these harsh weather… Learn More →

Magnesite has proved to be one of the old school forms of cement that have survived the test of time and is still used today in many homes. Though majorly found in older … Learn More →

Ornamental plants and flowers are a vital part of the beautification of property whether private or commercial. This beautifying green life enhances and beautifies the … Learn More →

The roof, deck, walkway or balcony of your property is a very vital part of your property. It’s the part of a building that protects other parts from the harsh climate. This… Learn More →

Owning a pool as a home or business owner in Los Angeles can be both a point of beautification and a point of pride. A good pool doesn’t only increase the value of your home… Learn More →

California Decking has been waterproofing decks, patios, and concrete flooring for homeowners in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Whether your deck or patio is … Learn More →

Our services go beyond the surface, by including solutions for subterranean drainage and below-grade waterproofing such as elevator pits, and parking garages. Below… Learn More →

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