Why Should You Waterproof Planters on Commercial Property?

Why Should You Waterproof Planters on Commercial Property?

Large planters look great for commercial business. With large planters, you can make almost any atmosphere—even just the company parking lot—more welcoming and vibrant. To care for these planters and your property, though, you should invest in waterproofing your planters.

Retain Water for Plants

Waterproofing your planters is not just for external purposes. This can also help retain water for the plants that you put inside, meaning that you don’t have to waste money on overwatering your plants. Plants need adequate amounts of water to grow healthy and strong. Thus, waterproofing your planters and then making sure that all your plants are being watered the appropriate amounts will prolong the lives of your plants.

Strengthen Planters

While water is essential for keeping plants alive, it can also be very destructive to manmade things such as planters. Persistent exposure to water from the plants, storms and other variable weather can wear down your planters. Planters weakened by water damage can chip and crack very easily, leaving sharp pieces behind. These sharp edges on the planter and on the ground can be serious safety hazards. You will need to replace damaged planters, which can be pretty expensive. In the process of replacing planters, you may also need to repot or transport the plants, which can be quite damaging for the plants. It would be better to keep your plants in the original potting in sturdy, waterproofed planters.

Aesthetic Purposes

Besides chipped and cracked planters being dangerous, they are also not very nice to look at. When you are upkeeping a commercial space, it is essential to maintain an attractive, inviting appearance to your space. Having well-kept planters may seem like a small detail, but it can contribute greatly to your company image and how potential customers or clients view you. Waterproofing your planters will help them stay uncracked and pristine for much longer.

When designing a commercial space, you are probably thinking mostly about the colors, sizes, and types of plants you may want to use. Just as important as what plants you choose, though, are the planters that you decide to put them in. Waterproofed planters will ensure more effectiveness, more beauty, and more safety in your commercial space.

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