Magnesite Stairs

Did you know?

Magnesite has proved to be one of the old school forms of cement that have survived the test of time and is still used today in many homes. Though majorly found in older homes built around up to the 1930’s, this material is used to add stylish designs to stairs nowadays.

The magnesite stairs provide a clean, elegant and classic look to stairs. Adding to the aesthetic properties, stairs made of magnesite are impact and water-resistant, durable, lightweight and strong; little wonder some of the houses of the 1930’s still have their magnesite stairs intact.

Being composed of Magnesium oxychloride, these amazing waterproofing material complements any architectural design and requires no creative compromise. This quality has led to many recommendations it gets among contractors.

California Decking has been dedicatedly installing and repairing magnesite stairs for private and commercial properties for a long time. Our value for quality service and outstanding customer satisfaction inspire us to provide long-lasting magnesite stair installation in Southern California. We use the latest quality products and technological innovations to offer superior services in the industry.

Our expertise and experience in the industry have been perfected over the years, installing these amazing stairs for our league of customers. We ensure we provide the best by searching for the latest ideas in the industry. We understand that to survive in a competitive industry, you need to offer the best, and that we offer. We cover all grounds to ensure our clients get complete customer satisfaction. Our customer services have gained a positive reputation for us in the industry for its quality.

Why Choose California Decking?

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We provide magnesite stair installation, maintenance and repair services for new buildings, buildings undergoing remodeling or just buildings undergoing magnesite stair repair. We attend to all clients, and we believe every project is unique in its way.

At California Decking, we’re known for providing our customers with the highest quality magnesite stair installation at fair and competitive prices. We’re the best in Southern California and the surrounding areas, and there’s a reason for that.

Contact us now to experience expert decking and waterproofing services.

Contact us now to experience expert decking and waterproofing services.